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Our dream started with buying 45 acres 6.5 km away from the Beechworth Post Office some 20 years ago. Then the belief and drive to produce wine in keeping with the quality tradition of Beechworth became our goal.

The all important first step was site selection, incorporating forward planning around minimising disease pressure naturally which we, achieve in part by wide row spacing at 3m, and vine planting at 1.5 m apart. This means less competition per vine, and allows light and air into where it is needed. Mulching hand weeding and canopy management also contribute to the production of our healthy fruit

Variety selection was based on a combination of factors most importantly what Beechworth does so well.. Our plantings include Riesling, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Sagrantino, with the first vines in the ground in 2006.

We selected our root stock to help with drought tolerance, and vigour reduction Richter 110 and Paulsen for those not on their own roots. We selected clones around our vinification process Chardonnay 76 and 95 Burgundies, old school cool.

In good seasons, when the weather gods are kind, friends and family hand select the grapes at harvest in the cool of the morning, followed closely by a celebration, as harvest is a wonderful occasion.

If needed, we make adjustments if any made at the crush, and  then on to the primary ferment, open vat Shiraz, open vat Sagrantino, barrel ferment Chardonnay, and old oak barrel Riesling. We go to great lengths during this process to ensure the natural yeasts are kept cool and healthy, to truly capture the season.

We do just one or two gentle racking’s through the 18 months our wine spends underground, then we carefully bench trial to ensure only the optimum blend see’s the bottle..

We decided to structure our cellar door visits to showcase our wines through their various stages of development, with select barrel tastings when you book with us online through this website.

You can judge for yourself why we make the decisions we do, based on your own sights, smells and discussions with the grower, and wine maker, Vinny Webb. Tastings provides an understanding of why the Beechworth GI consistently produces wines of such high standard, and Baarmutha Wines focuses on enhancing that enviable reputation.

Baarmutha Wines
Baarmutha Wines
Baarmutha Wines
Baarmutha Wines
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Baarmutha Wines
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